NEW L'OREAL x-tenso Straightener Smoothing Cream Sensitized Hair 400ml 1+2 perm Free Post

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Technology Nutri-cationic  

1 x Smoothing Cream 400ml

1 x Neutralising Cream 400ml 

 For  Sensitized Hair

A Hair Straightener cream to make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair's health.


- Suitable for men & women

- For natural resistant hair

- To make frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving the hair's health

- This 2 step straight permanent system contains Smoothing Cream &  Neutrallising Cream


- Wash hair with shampoo

Smoothing Cream

- Divide hair into 4 sections

- Wear suitable disposable gloves during the entire service

- Pour Smoothing Cream into a non-metallic bowl

- Virgin applications : beginning at the nape of the neck, use a tint brush to apply product rapidly section by section along the lengths of the hair, stopping 1/2 cm from the scalp. Avoid tension on the hair

- Retouch applications : If the hair has already been relax, only apply on the re-growth

- Repeat applications on remaining sections in the same manner

- Ensure the cream is distributed well throughout the hair

- Do not pull the hair during the application

- Smooth with fingers or side of hand to ensure enough product is spread through hair & it remains straight

- Leave on for 15 minutes at room temperature on very resistant natural hair, resistant natural hair & natural hair, 10 minutes on sensitised hair. Continue smoothing hair with fingers during recommended development time

- Do not exceed the development time

- Use a timer. The application time must be counted as part of the total development time. Total development time is 20 minutes for natural hair (includng application time). Never leave the X-TENSO smoothing cream in contact with the hair for more than 20 minutes

- Do not develop under heat

- Do not exceed the maximum development time

- Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until the product is completely removed. Take care to ensure that the rinse water does not run into the eyes

- Towel dry carefully

- Then neutralise the hair using the X-tenso Moisturist neutralising cream

Neutralising Cream

- Apply neutralising cream to hair

- Spread well & allow to penetrate all of hair

- Leave on 10 minutes

- Smooth down regularly so that hair remains straight during development  time

- Rinse carefully for 3 minutes


- 100% new & real

- Smoothing Cream - 400ml

- Neutralising Cream - 400ml