Hair Direction | Hair Color Change - Color Correction

Professional hair color change/correction

We provide Professional hair color change/correction in our own salon in Adelaide CBD.

Have you got colored dark hair that is so hard to be lighten?
Scared of breaking your hair for bleaching?
Having to wait for a week or two to bleach your hair to the color you want?

No Worries.
Now our color change/correction technique can lighten colored dark hair and minimize the damage
You can bleach it twice within the same day!
Get the light color without having to wait a week or two!

Our 5 step technique with revolutionary products can now realize all that!

Step 1 - treatment, prepare your hair for lightening
Step 2 - 1st bleach
Step 3 - 2nd bleach, yes in the same day without breaking your hair
Step 4 - toning
Step 5 - color adjustment, making sure the outcome is even

Your hair can get rid of the stubborn dark color and maintain its integrity

Yes all in ONE DAY

From ONLY $350.00

We usually will need to have the hairdresser to assess your hair to give a precise quote for coloring. 

Please call 08 8212 3388 to find out more and to make appointment