L'OREAL Neutralising Cream 400ml + Moisturist Smoothing Cream 400ml X-Tenso Set N1+2

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Divide your hair in 4 to 6 equals parts, beginning a the neck.
Divide the dry hair and working from section to section to apply sufficient quantity of Straightening Cream with a brush ro comb through, but do not rinse out. Distribute equally from root to ends
Fill a non-metallic bowl with the appropriate cream of ready to use straightening cream and apply carefully with a brush/comb, working from section to section (approx. 1 cm wide) at a distance of approx. 5 mm from the head. Comb through just once and carefully with a large-toothed comb

see above
The hair must be covered during the developing time. Please take into account the fact that the product is already starting to take effect during the application period and check progess after the

specified minimum time has elapsed. Comb the hair once again with a large toothed comb, rinse out the straightening cream thoroughly and press out any excess moisture with a towel
Not recommended for Loreal XTenso Straight Creme

Fill up the applicator with ready to use Neutralizer Emulsion using the same quantity as of the straightening cream used previously
Apply carefully working from section to section
Comb the hair and allow 10 minutes of developing time
Shampoo hair afterwards

Use a After Straightening Serum and leave it in for 3 minutes

For short or less curly hair do not use a hot iron and carry on with the treatment as a cold straightening version without using heat. The developing time can be extended by 5 minutes.

In the case of regrowth treatment, only treat the sections of the hair subject to regrowth (the roots). In this case the regrowth should amount at leat approx. 4 cm. Pay attention beforehand to thoroughly protecting the lengths and ends that have already been treated with any kind of preparation cream


Product contains thioglycolate and Hydrogen Peroxide
Avoid eye and skin contact and wear gloves
Oleoshape is not recommended for bleached hair which is more than 30% highlighted or extremely porous
Do not use product if Hair Color contains metallic salt (normally with natural colors like Henna)
Do not use if your hair has been already treated with an alkali relaxer containing Sodium Hydroxide. This also applies to “Hydroxide-free” products containing POTASSIUM HYSROXIDE, LITHIUM HYDROXIDE, GUANIDINE CARBONATE



  • Professional Crystallizing Straight is an innovative new technique developed by Professional in Japan to make frizzy, curly or wavy hair to be completely straight while preserving the health of hair. Typically improves hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it more manageable..
  • Professional Crystallizing Straight (New release in blue & white packaging) is for fine or tinted hair. It makes your hair smooth, shiny and silky straight for up to 2 months..
  • This two-step straight permanent system contains a straightener and neutralizer, which is a permanent solution that is used with a hot straightening iron..
  • Super hyaluronic power. High-quality premium permanent solution.
  • No. 1 : Crystallizing Straight N1 Straightener (400g/13.52 oz) ; No. 2 : Crystallizing Straight N Straightener Neutraliser Cream (400g/13.52 oz).
  • Imported from USA.

2-step system contains both straightener and neutralizer Shiny, 
smooth and silky straight hair for up to 2 months. Includes 
Straightener400g and Neutralizer 400g Crystallizing Japanese Hair 
Straightening is an innovative new technique from Japan to make 
frizzy, curly or wavy hair completely straight while preserving 
the hair's health. In the past, people were concerned that if 
they straightened their hair, they would damage it significantly, 
and this was true. But it is not true anymore! Hair can be 
straightened much more effectively with the Japanese 
Crystallizing techniques with much less damage to the hair. 
Suitable for men & women. To make frizzy, curly or wavy hair 
completely straight while preserving the hair's health This 2 
step straight permanent system contains both straightener and 
neutralizer Permanent solution to be used with a hot hair iron to 
make your hair smooth, shinny & straight Instructions: Shampoo 
hair & dry your hair thoroughly. Straightener Apply the cream all 
over the head of hair, except for the roots, keep it 1 to 2cm 
above the roots Coat the entire hair evenly & comb straight 
through with a wide-toothed comb Let it set at room temperature 
for 10 to 20 minutes Then, after sufficiently plain rinsing, dry 
the hair thoroughly Set it with a special iron at 180?C / 360?F 
or less for 2 seconds per location to straighten the hair When 
applying Straightener, keep it 1 to 2 cm above the roots, as 
getting it on the scalp could cause irritation & hair for 
breakage. Use an intermediate water rinse to completely wash away 
straightener. Especially wash the roots carefully Neutralizer 
Coat the entire hair & leave it for 2 to 3 minutes while lightly 
combing. Then, completely wash it away If the neutralization is 
not complete, it could cause damage or hair for breakage, so coat 
the hair sufficiently from the roots to the tip of the hair to 
make sure neutralization is complete.