4Bottles Miracle Hair Loss Building Fibers Alopecia Keratin Thicker Concealer Hair Fiber

Hair Direction Australia

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  • GET THICKER LOOKING HAIR IN SECONDS: Bunee Hair Fiber covers and fills out thinning hair in seconds!

  • BEST FOR MEN & WOMEN: Regain lost confidence with Miracle Hair Powder

  • INSTANT HAIR THICKENER: Sprinkle fibers onto the thin areas, takes few seconds; wash out when done!

  • Miracle HAIR FIBERS: Made of the best organic protein, interlaces with natural hair perfectly.

 1. Make sure your hairs are completely dry.

 2. Open Miracle bottle and sprinkle on thinning hairs slowly until thin hairs are covered. Don’t sprinkle too much, use only required quantity. 

3. Apply comb gently such that it should not touch your scalp and style your hair. Sprinkle again if required and let it settle.

 4. If it falls on ears or forehead then clean it with cotton cloth.