1 Bottle Bunee Hair Building Fibers Hair Loss Treatment Thicker Concealer

Hair Direction Australia

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The appearance of the thinning hair becomes fuller and thicker instantly. It’s a simple, convenient and a quick way to satisfy people who have hair thinning problem. Suitable for Men and Women. About the product: Made from 100% natural and safe ingredients, no harm to human body. The hair fibers are undetectable and blend perfectly in your own natural hair color, making hair seems more natural. It works instantly, covering thinning hair or bald spots in under 30 seconds. It can resist wind, rain, and perspiration but can be removed easily with shampoo. The hair color powder is not greasy or oily, and it keeps your volumized and thick all day.

  • GET THICKER LOOKING HAIR IN SECONDS: Bunee Hair Fiber covers and fills out thinning hair in seconds!
  • BEST FOR MEN & WOMEN: Regain lost confidence with Bunee Hair Powder
  • INSTANT HAIR THICKENER: Sprinkle fibers onto the thin areas, takes few seconds; wash out when done!
  • BUNEE HAIR FIBERS: Made of the best organic protein, interlaces with natural hair perfectly.